The Optimistic Runner

An interview with ultra-runner Kami Semick; by Marion Ang

An explorer, trail seeker and mother of one – elite ultra runner Kami reveals her training tips and experiences when preparing for a 100K marathon.

A bubbly Kami during the interview

Reaching the midway mark, fatigue starts kicking in – taking another step is heavy and painful. Breathing heavily and battling against mind games, ultra running proves to be a physically and mentally tough challenge to take on. For many, participating or completing a 100K race is simply an impossible dream. However, for Kami Semick, 46, who has been an ultra runner since 2005, her trick to completing a 100K race is regular training, proper recovery and self-motivation.

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Park Life: MacRitchie Reservoir

Mention ‘Singapore’ and images of skysrapers, shopping and bright lights of the big city come to mind. While this tiny island is known for its cityscapes, there are pockets of green spaces that could surprise even the avid traveller.

A bloom

Located in the centre of Singapore is the country’s wild heart – MacRitchie Reservoir. The reservoir itself was constructed in 1867 to feed the demands of the growing population at the time, and the surrounding land has since grown to become one of the largest nature reserves on the island.

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The Ways of Ritten, Bolzano

A highland plateau close to South Tyrol’s capital of Bolzano, Ritten is a popular area for summer visits due to its number of summer spas and cool hiking trails. Located between the river Talvera and Iscarco, you can get the best views of the Dolomites from here.

The region is home to a fair number of wineries and it’s worth noting that vineyards cover half the hills under Oberbozen, including the famous St. Magdalener.

The Rittnerbahn of the Dolomites

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The Heart of Corsica

Just offshore from mainland France lies Corsica, an island that’s known for its fierce independent streak as well as its rugged landscape that encompasses jagged mountain ranges, fragrant maquis scrubland and dramatic coastal cliffs.

View of Ajaccio

Most visitors prefer to bask under the Mediterranean sun at seaside towns like Ajaccio (birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte), Bastia and Bonifacio. Once considered susceptible to invasion, the coastal areas were developed only in the early 19th century, so if you want to understand the country’s history and culture, head inland to its mountainous core.
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Churches of Cyprus

To the casual observer, it would seem that the island of Cyprus has been shaped by Christianity – Greek Orthodox, in particular. Everywhere you look, you can see churches – from ancient churches that are on the verge of crumbling to grand monasteries that still house practicing monks, Cyprus is indeed a treasure trove of Christian architecture throughout the ages.

Amazing frescoes

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